The fundamental technology needed to propel this evolution provides for autonomous mobility in unfamiliar and changing environments. It makes it possible to employ service robots in a wide range of applications, including industrial cleaning, material handling, delivery, surveillance and inspection.

Particularly in indoor spaces, where global positioning systems (GPS) are unavailable, the solutions currently on the market are either not sufficiently accurate or too expensive.

At Wyss Zurich, the Sevensense team developed solutions that enabled robots to measure their position with a high level of accuracy and to navigate precisely and safely in dynamic environments. Similar to the human eye and inner ear, these systems process images from cameras and an inertial measurement unit to construct a map of the surroundings and pinpoint their position on the map.

With the support of Wyss Zurich, Sevensense grew into a successful startup, creating Visual SLAM technology (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) that enables vehicles to navigate in challenging environments and allows for the implementation of novel applications. During the startup’s time at Wyss Zurich, the technology was bundled into an industry-ready product, a high-quality multi-camera system that can be installed in various types of mobile robots. This flexibility attracted customers and led to partnerships in a variety of industries, ranging from professional floor cleaning to material handling. Today, Sevensense’s autonomous technology drives numerous types of industrial machines and is at the core of innovative robotics solutions.

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