The software, which is both camera- and robot-independent, incorporates image recognition, artificial intelligence, model predictive control techniques and high-speed dynamics to make autonomous video production possible. Seervision has analyzed the motion sequences of cameramen working in a variety of applications and converted them into algorithms that allow for real-time object recognition and scene segmentation. Moreover, these algorithms are continually enriched through a machine learning process, resulting in multiple robot camera setups in which each robot can not only autonomously perform all the tasks of traditional camera work, but also exchange information with other robot cameras. The final product is indistinguishable from what is produced by a team of human beings. However, the production is now controlled by a single operator, who is free to focus creatively on the big picture.

Supported by Wyss Zurich, what started as an idea to improve live lecture recording has grown into a flourishing startup with over 30 employees from 18 countries. Seervision is now engaged in developing innovative software for automated, effortless video production.

The Seervision Suite automates the video production workflows of corporate studios, stage events and educational spaces. Seervision works alongside industry-leading distributors and system integrators to provide complete, autonomous solutions for the proAV industry, while also selling directly to venues and corporations looking to automate and upgrade their video productions. Seervision has grown by leaps and bounds in just a few years, and its recent expansion into markets across Europe, Asia and North America has made it clear that it is not stopping anytime soon.


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Behind Seervision is a large team of dedicated roboticists and software engineers, producers and designers – get to know them here.

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