Colorectal cancer is the third most prevalent cancer and the second leading cause of cancer mortality worldwide. In advanced stages, 5-year-survival rates are below 15%. While current immunotherapies have shown to be effective in certain cancer entities, they usually fail in patients with advanced colorectal cancer with a response rate of only 3-6%.

Recent technological advances in biomedical research have contributed to characterize the human microbiome and the potential to monitor, prevent or even cure human disease through specific microbiota interventions. Targeted modifications of the gut microbiota have little or no side effects and have the potential to considerably improve the therapeutic outcomes as well as the quality of life of cancer patients under treatment. The Recolony team identified specific strains of bacteria that are less abundant in individuals with colorectal cancer compared to those without. In pre-clinical animal experiments, it was found that supplementation with those bacteria was sufficient to trigger an anti-tumor immune response in colorectal cancer as well as in melanoma, breast and lung cancer. The results showed enhanced immune cell activation and infiltration into the tumor when the bacteria were orally applied. By translating this approach into the clinic, Recolony aims to circumvent the problem of current immunotherapies, by which tumors with low immune cell infiltration cannot be effectively treated.

With the support of Wyss Zurich, the Recolony team aims to develop a live biotherapeutic product based on proprietary bacterial strains and to conduct a Phase I clinical trial targeting colorectal cancer. The team plans to produce the bacteria in lyophilized form packed in pH-resistant capsules and to obtain regulatory approval for the first-in-human trial. Recolony’s goal is to shift the paradigm of cancer treatment away from single-target drugs towards a gut microbiota guided activation of the immune system.

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