Women are affected twice as often as men, with an estimated 40% of women above the age of 40 suffering from SUI. All existing treatment options have drawbacks that range from low and short-term efficacy (for conservative treatments) to potentially serious adverse events associated either with invasiveness or the introduction of foreign material (for more potent surgical approaches).

MUVON is developing a low-risk, minimally invasive treatment that uses the patient’s own muscle precursor cells (MPC) to regenerate the damaged sphincter muscle, thus potentially providing a cure for SUI.

Before the founding of MUVON, the team worked in the Associate project MUS.I.C. to establish and validate its GMP-compliant production process at the Wyss Zurich. This was followed by a translation into a clinical setting beginning of 2020 and the conduction of a Phase I clinical trial. With the support of Wyss Zurich the MUVON team will now proceed with the clinical and commercial development of their therapy, evaluating the efficacy of the approach during a Phase 2 clinical trial and undertaking all the required activities for a regulatory approval.

Learn more about MUVON on the Website www.muvon-therapeutics.com

PROJECT PARTNERS in the EU Horizon 2020 (MUS.I.C.) are:
Scinus Cell Expansion TM
Collagen Solutions
University of Tübingen
Paracelsus Medical University

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Deana Mohr
Project Leader and Co-Founder of MUVON Therapeutics


Deana Mohr (Haralampieva) is leading the synchronization of efforts of cross-functional project teams to support timely milestone achievements, and to manage study issues and obstacles. She joined Wyss Zurich in October 2018 (associate project MUS.I.C.). Supported by Prof. Eberli, she built up an international consortium and secured funding by Horizon2020 for the translation of the project from bench-to-bedside. Deana acted as a clinical project manager and coordinator. Before that, Deana obtained her MSc in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Constance, Germany (2011). Afterwards, she joined the Integrative Molecular Medicine program in Zurich as a PhD student and successfully graduated at the ETH in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (2015). The results of her PhD thesis were the final step before the authorization of the muscle tissue-engineering project for clinical translation and motivated her to proceed with a further education in clinical trial management. In 2020 she co-founded MUVON Therapeutics AG and her mission is to bring the therapy to the ones in need.


Steve Kappenthuler
Business Development Head and Co-Founder of MUVON Therapeutics


Steve Kappenthuler joined the MUVON project at Wyss Zurich as Business Development Head in April 2021. He received his PhD in Chemistry and Business Studies from the University of Zurich in 2020. Between the completion of his Master’s degree (Chemistry and Business Studies UZH) and his PhD he worked for two years at the Department of Management and Technology of the ETH Zurich conducting research on VC decision making and corporate venture capital. In 2019 he joined the MUS.I.C. project and has since become the CBO and a co-founder of MUVON Therapeutics AG. He is responsible for the overall business and strategy development of MUVON and further supports in the setup and planning of various R&D projects.


Jenny Prange
Production Team Leader and Co-Founder of MUVON Therapeutics


Jenny Prange, CSO and Co-founder of MUVON Therapeutics AG, is a biotechnologist by training who joined the associated Wyss Zurich project MUS.I.C in 2017. Since then she has laid the groundwork for the GMP compliant autologous muscle precursor cell production for a phase I clinical trial to treat stress urinary incontinence. Since April 2021, she guides the preparations and production for the phase II clinical trial of the MUVON project.

Jenny obtained her Bachelor in Molecular Biotechnology from the University of Technology Dresden in 2008, received her Diplôme d’Ingénieure in Biotechnology from the Ecole supérieure de Biotechnologie de Strasbourg and in parallel a master degree in Biotechnology and Therapeutic Innovation from the University of Strasbourg in 2011. For her master thesis, she joined the Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research in Boston, MA. In 2016, Jenny obtained her PhD in Integrative Molecular Medicine from the University of Zurich.


Behind MUVON is a larger team of dedicated experts in their field - get to know them at www.muvon-therapeutics.com.

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