Women are affected twice as often as men, with an estimated 40% of women above the age of 40 suffering from SUI. All existing treatment options have drawbacks that range from low and short-term efficacy (for conservative treatments) to potentially serious adverse events associated either with invasiveness or the introduction of foreign material (for more potent surgical approaches).

MUVON is developing a low-risk, minimally invasive treatment that uses the patient’s own muscle precursor cells (MPC) to regenerate the damaged sphincter muscle, thus potentially providing a cure for SUI.

Before the founding of MUVON, the team worked in the Associate project MUS.I.C. to establish and validate its GMP-compliant production process at the Wyss Zurich. This was followed by a translation into a clinical setting beginning of 2020 and the conduction of a Phase I clinical trial. With the support of Wyss Zurich the MUVON team will now proceed with the clinical and commercial development of their therapy, evaluating the efficacy of the approach during a Phase 2 clinical trial and undertaking all the required activities for a regulatory approval.

Learn more about MUVON on the Website www.muvon-therapeutics.com

PROJECT PARTNERS in the EU Horizon 2020 (MUS.I.C.) are:
Scinus Cell Expansion TM
Collagen Solutions
University of Tübingen
Paracelsus Medical University

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MUVON - Project Leader Deana Mohr listed among "In Vivo's 2022 Rising Leaders"
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Tech4Eva selects MUVON to participate in the first FemTech startup acceleration program
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