Martin Schuler
Co-Project Leader & Engineer


As a postdoctoral fellow, Martin worked recently in the field of renewable energies and geothermal energy. His activities in research and development were mainly focused on the implementation of novel and innovative drilling technologies. In the year 2014, he finished his PhD at ETH Zurich in the field of process engineering. Martin Schuler received his Master from the University of Stuttgart focusing on bioprocess engineering.


Lucia Bautista


Lucia Bautista joined the Liver4Life team in September 2016 to support the biomedical research activities of the project. As a postdoctoral fellow in the Institute of Molecular Health Sciences at ETH Zurich, she gained extensive research experience in the field of liver metabolism and physiology. She holds a PhD in biology from the University of Seville (Spain), focused in gene regulation by hypoxia. Lucia will contribute to the Liver4Life project with her strong expertise in molecular and cell biology, with emphasis on liver metabolism, animal experimentation and biochemistry.


Dustin Becker


Dustin Becker joined the Liver4Life team in January 2016. He will support the research and development of the perfusion system. In 2012, he received his BSc in Mechanical Engineering with distinction at University of Applied Science Lucerne and in 2015, his MSc in Process Engineering with distinction at ETH Zurich. Currently, he is pursuing a doctorate degree at ETH Zurich.


Dilmurodjon Eshmuminov
Clinical Scientist


Dilmurodjon Eshmuminov is a surgeon in training at the University Hospital Zurich. He was awarded a Swiss government scholarship to carry out research on liver surgery at the University of Zurich from 2009 to 2011. Subsequently he continued his clinical training as a surgical trainee at the department of Visceral Surgery and Transplantation of the University Hospital Zurich. His clinical and research activities are focused mainly on liver surgery and transplantation. His medical knowledge will add great value to the team.


Catherine Hagedorn
Laboratory Technician


Catherine Hagedorn joined the Liver4Life team in January 2017 to support the pre-clinical study evaluation and analysis. She received her diploma as a Biomedical Laboratory Technician (“Biomedizinische Analytikerin HF”) from the University Hospital Zurich and gained extensive experience in different research and diagnostic laboratories in Zurich as well as in Dublin, Ireland. She contributes to the project by carrying out a wide range of laboratory techniques, methods and analyses in biochemistry, molecular biology and cellular biology.


Max L. Hefti
Co-Project Leader and Product Engineer


Max Hefti works on the development of the perfusion system for the extracorporeal liver. Before joining the project in December 2016, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow on the development and optimization of adsorption processes. For his work in the same field, he received his doctoral degree from ETH Zurich in 2016. He holds a Master in Bio- and Chemical Engineering at ETH Zurich and was a visiting scholar at Columbia University in NYC, USA.


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