Fabian Schollenberger
Project Leader


Fabian Schollenberger joined Wyss Zurich in July 2017 as a product development engineer and Project Leader for the Associate Project Swiss Prosthetics. He studied System Engineering at the ZHAW in Winterthur and received his master degree in 2016. During his studies he was part time working as a Research Assistant at the Institute of Mechatronics Systems. He was team member in an EU-Project (RoboMate – exoskeleton) and involved in various research projects in artificial hand prosthetics. In 2016 Fabian became a research Associate and got a promotion as deputy of the research group “mechatronics systems and system engineering”. Since then, he became a specialist in the development of artificial hand modules for children, a safety clutch system and a novel arm socket design for hand prosthetics. He is also author of several patents.


Ralph Jacob


Ralph Jacob originally joined the SwissProsthetics team as an external adviser and supported the work with his background as an orthopaedic technician. In July 2018 he became an active member of the project team concentrating on the development of the shaft-system. Ralph obtained his “Meisterbrief” in Orthopädietechnik from the school of Karl Bosch at Heidelberg and worked several years at the Universitätsklinik Göttingen and Universitätsklinik Balgrist. He focused on the product development for stroke patients and deepened his knowledge in his studies of Neuroorthopaedics Disability Management at the University of Krems, Austria. In 2016, Ralph co-founded OMOD (Open Mind Orthopaedic Design), a company which focuses on the development of orthopaedic products. With his technical background and his medical understanding he now supports SwissProsthetics to optimize the connection from the modular prosthesis to the arm of the patient.


Hannah Marti
Industrial Designer


Hannah Marti joined the SwissProsthetics team through the Summerpreneurship of the Impact Hub Zurich in June 2018. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. With her innovative thinking and 3D modeling skills she supports SwissProsthetics to develop and improve their product. Aside from working at Wyss Zurich, Hannah is engaged in different projects with social impact.


Andreas Trojan
Mentor SwissProsthetics


Andreas Trojan is Mentor of the Associate Project SwissProsthetics. He initialized a research project for the development of modular prosthetics. He started with a two years collaboration with the Institute of Mechatronic Systems at ZHAW. Together with his cofounders, he received support from the foundation appsocial.org to develop the proof of concept. The team has also secured additional funding by a renowned private investor to further speed up the development as medical product with certification and shape market access. Besides coming to ETH Zurich, Andreas obtains a position as senior physician at the Brust- and OnkoZentrum Zürich. After his postdoc in Boston he managed to reach a position as Titular-Professor at the University of Zurich medical faculty. His broad biological and medical background prepared him well for his passion about technologies.


Lukas von Tobel
Project Manager

von Tobel

Lukas von Tobel joined the SwissProsthetics team at Wyss Zurich in November 2017. He is responsible for the business development. Lukas obtained his MSc degree in Biology in 2008 from the ETH Zurich and his PhD in 2014 from the ETH Lausanne for his work on processes important for cell division. He was awarded a fellowship of the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds, Foundation for medicinal fundamental research, to conduct this project. Before joining SwissProsthetics he worked at eResearch Technologies as a Study Design Analyst and assisted the project management.


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