Alex Antosch
Project Leader - R&D


Alex Antosch is the Project Leader at SwissProsthetics. He has the technical lead and is responsible for product development, technical product management, and supply chain management. During his studies, he developed a climbing prosthesis with an increased tensile strength patented with ETH Zurich. Additionally, Alex gained a broad knowledge of patient care, which he can use in the development of a mass-customizable-product. He completed his Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University in Vienna.

+41 77 504 59 71

Carina Linzer
Marketing & PR Manager


Carina Linzer joined the SwissProsthetics team at Wyss Zurich in September 2019. She is responsible for the areas of business development, marketing, and PR. Carina earned Bachelor's degrees in Corporate Communication and Spanish at FHWien University of Applied Sciences of WKW, and the University of Vienna. Before joining SwissProsthetics she worked at Ashoka Austria/CEE as a Marketing Manager.

+41 77 502 96 81

Colleen Monaghan
Clinical Marketing and B2B Manager


A biomedical engineer (BSc) from N. Ireland and a PhD from the University of Twente in the Netherlands, Colleen has been Product Manager for over 8 years, at both med-tech and high tech companies. At Xsens, she was responsible for the development of MVN BIOMECH, an inertial-sensor-based human kinematics measurement system - making research in real-life scenarios possible. She helped NASA to bring the Xsens research product, “the ForceShoe” to the International Space Station, helping prevent astronauts from muscle atrophy while in space. At Hocoma she took pleasure in facilitating the uptake of rehabilitation robotics for neurological patients. She will take her experience of medical devices and technology to facilitate Swiss Prosthetics.


Lukas Schiller
Product Engineer


After his bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics at TU Wien, he realigned to Biomedical Engineering to deploy his resources to the direct improvement of people’s health and wellbeing. In addition to a diploma supplement on innovation, he did various further trainings on machine learning and data science. Working in a hospice awakened his urge to alleviate suffering. Therefore, he helped Romanian families in the scope of the development aid project Concordia Transilvania and worked with children in the St. Anna Children’s Hospital. Feeling the need to find the right roomies, not just the right accommodation, he co-founded a flat-sharing-platform. Since January 2020, Lukas is part of the team of SwissProsthetics.

Tel.: +41 77 407 83 83

Andreas Trojan
Mentor SwissProsthetics


Andreas Trojan is Mentor of the Associate Project SwissProsthetics. He initialized a research project for the development of modular prosthetics. He started with a two years collaboration with the Institute of Mechatronic Systems at ZHAW. Together with his cofounders, he received support from the foundation to develop the proof of concept. The team has also secured additional funding by a renowned private investor to further speed up the development as medical product with certification and shape market access. Besides coming to ETH Zurich, Andreas obtains a position as senior physician at the Brust- and OnkoZentrum Zürich. After his postdoc in Boston he managed to reach a position as Titular-Professor at the University of Zurich medical faculty. His broad biological and medical background prepared him well for his passion about technologies.


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