Peter Spence
Project Leader


Peter Spence joined Wyss Zurich in March 2017. He is responsible for the direction and design of Project Rosie. Peter studied at world leading universities in both engineering and the arts. He received his MEng in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bath (2011) and his MSc and MA from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art (2014) for his studies in Innovation Design Engineering. Over the last four years he has focused on user centred design and educational technology. He has worked on many innovative products as a consultant and co-founded his own educational startup (2014). Peter has won graduate and social entrepreneurship awards for his work and deeply understands the challenges of launching innovative new ideas.


Sélim Benayat
Project Manager


Sélim Benayat joined Wyss Zurich in March 2017. He is responsible to overlook the successful knowledge transfer and business development processes of Project Rosie. He is a scientist turned entrepreneur and holds a MSc in Biophysics from the Biozentrum University of Basel (2014). After his studies Sélim was part of the successful founding phase of a MedTech Startup. Gathered experiences he later left to coach other entrepreneurs. Sélim has hands-on experience in people management, investor relations and product development and was able to help young startups find their way through early founding phase up to successful market entry (2016).


Giulio Marrone Dittli
3D Game Artist

Marrone Dittli

Giulio Marrone Dittli joined the Wyss Zurich Associate Project Rosie in February 2018. He is responsible for developing the visual look of Project Rosie. Giulio originally comes from Florence in Italy and after obtaining his high school degree he decided to persue a career of art and animation. He is currently finishing his studies of 3D art at SAE Institute based in Zurich. Previously Giulio worked as a freelance artist in various studios around Europe, not only involving digital productions, but 3D printing-prototyping as well.


Florian Maushart
Project Manager


Florian Maushart joined Wyss Zurich in May 2017. He is responsible for the technical development of Project Rosie. Florian is a robotics engineer who has already gathered substantial experience in product development, app development and the Internet of Things (IoT) during his career. After his Master thesis at the University of Pennsylvania under the supervision of Professor Vijay Kumar he received his MSc in Microtechnical Engineering with a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Management of Technology from EPFL in 2017. Florian has worked with several start-ups, developing medical and IoT devices and pitching his ideas to incubators or investors in Zurich, Dublin, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. He is now excited to share his passion for science and technology with the world through Rosie.


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