Simon P. Hoerstrup
Founding Co-Director


Simon P. Hoerstrup, MD, PhD, is a physician and leader in the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. He is Chair and Director of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (University Zurich) and Founding Co-Director of the Wyss Zurich (University Zurich & ETH Zurich) in Switzerland. Hoerstrup is also Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Technical University Eindhoven in the Netherlands, Associate Member of the Department of Health Science Technology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and associate faculty of the Harvard Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering in Boston (USA). His work at the interface of basic science and translational research has resulted in more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific publications and a unique patent portfolio in the field of Regenerative Medicine. Furthermore, Hoerstrup is Co-Founder of a series of medtech and biotech spin-off companies (Symetis AG, Xeltis AG, Insphero AG, etc.), and leads the recently started BioEntrepreneurship & Innovation Program at the University of Zurich. Hoerstrup leads several major scientific international consortia projects funded by the European Commission, the Swiss National Science Foundation, Commission for Technology and Innovation, etc. 

Simon Hoerstrup obtained his medical and scientific education in Germany, USA and Switzerland. He was postdoctoral research fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital, both Harvard Medical School. His main research expertise lies in the fields of tissue engineering, cell based therapies, organoid technologies and disease modelling.

Tel: +41 44 632 80 25

Roland Siegwart
Founding Co-Director


Roland Siegwart is full professor for autonomous systems at ETH Zurich since July 2006 and Founding Co-Director of the Wyss Zurich. He studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich, spent ten years as professor at EPFL (1996-2006), was Vice President of ETH Zurich from 2010 to 2014 and held visiting positions at Stanford University and NASA Ames. As a strong promoter of innovation and entrepreneurship, he pioneered the focus-projects, where student teams develop their visions to a function prototype, initiated the ETH Zurich pioneer fellowship program for young entrepreneurs and established ETH Zurich’s innovation and entrepreneurship lab, a biotope for enhancing technology transfer and spin-off creation. Furthermore he is co-founder of half a dozen spin-off companies.

Roland Siegwart is and was the coordinator of multiple European projects, is recipient of the IEEE RAS Inaba Technical Award, IEEE Fellow, officer of the International Federation of Robotics Research (IFRR) and member of the Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences. He is in the editorial board of multiple journals in robotics and was a general chair of several conferences in robotics including IROS 2002, AIM 2007, FSR 2007 and ISRR 2009. His interests are in the design and navigation of wheeled, walking and flying robots operating in complex and highly dynamical environments.

Tel: +41 44 632 81 50, Mob: +41 79 214 49 27