10-05-21 - Media Coverage

Radio SRF 2 Kultur: Nanomedizin - Vom Labor in die Klinik

Wyss Zurich project hemotune is featured in the Science Magazin of Swiss Radio SRF. In their report about nanomedicine, you can listen to a part of the interview with one of hemotune's founders and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Carlos Mora. The report starts at 19:55 min (in German).

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07-05-21 - Press Release - Seervision expands into the Chinese market

The Wyss Zurich project Seervision is developing camera automation software that simplifies and scales video production. Now, the startup is further expanding its presence in the Asian markets. After its distribution agreement with Japanese ASK corp, it has now won Shanghai-based Topcool to serve joint customers in the broadcasting and AV production space in China.

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30-04-21 - Press Release

Venture Kick - LifeMatrix wins CHF 150,000

Congratulations to the Wyss Zurich Project and startup LifeMatrix for winning CHF 150,000 to develop groundbreaking biomimetic implants designed to grow and regenerate with patients.

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28-04-21 - News

Wyss Zurich Core Faculty Member Viola Vogel is new member of the American National Academy of Sciences

Admission to the American National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a great honor. The society includes almost 3,000 of the world's leading natural scientists. A good sixth of them are international members with foreign citizenship. At its 2021 annual meeting, the NAS admitted 120 new members, including biophysicist Viola Vogel. Congratulations Viola!

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21-04-21 - News

Tech4Eva selects MUVON to participate in the first FemTech startup acceleration program

Congratulations to Wyss Zurich project MUVON for being selected among the 15 Growth-Stage Startups of Tech4Eva. MUVON, thus, will participate in a 9-month FemTech start-up acceleration program for companies developing innovative solutions to improve technologies relating to women’s health.

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13-04-21 - Event

digitalswitzerland: Schweizer Spitzentechnologien präsentieren sich an der digitalen HANNOVER MESSE 2021

Wyss Zurich Founding Co-Director Roland Siegwart in a talk about Robotics and the future of manufacturing at HANNOVER MESSE Digital Edition 2021. Register and watch the live streaming today at 16:00-16.25 (CEST)!

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12-04-21 - Media Coverage

BILANZ: Überleber

Swiss science is world-class – but the movers and shakers are often hardly known. In this feature Swiss magazine BILANZ presents Pierre-Alain Clavien and the Wyss Zurich project Liver4Life causing worldwide sensation by developing a machine for regenerating human livers outside of the body.

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31-03-21 - Press Release

VentureKick - CHF 10,000 for antibodies for the treatment of Leukemia

The Wyss Zurich project Phire wins Venture Kick's first stage of financial and entrepreneurial support for its novel bispecific antibody for the treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

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29-03-21 - Media Coverage

ETH news - A smart camera that does the thinking

The software of Wyss Zurich project Seervision operates cameras as if it were a human and facilitates video productions. The start-​up has its roots at ETH Zurich, where students once developed a clunky prototype for recording lectures.

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26-03-21 - Media Coverage

NZZ - Wie in Schlieren an der Rettung der Welt geforscht wird

The NZZ covers the Wyss Zurich project and its Spin-off hemotune and their approach to cure COVID19 patients with magnets and artificial proteins. Read the full article (in German)

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