09-12-20 - Event

Seervision, Voliro and Wingtra participate at the virtual event "working tomorrow" by Swissnex Network

On December 9, 2020, on Zoom at 9 a.m. until 10.45 a.m. is the virtual event "Working Tomorrow" part of nex20 by swissnex Network. The Working Tomorrow event will convene top representatives of the Swiss academic and business landscape, top level panelists from China, India, Singapore, South Africa, and Switzerland. The Wyss Zurich projects Seervision and Voliro, and the Wyss Zurich completed project Wingtra are pitching together with other Swiss Deeptech startups their innovative solutions to enable the future of work. The event is organized by Swissnex China and numerous other Swiss organizations. More on the event here.

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03-12-20 - News

mint & pepper's CYBATHLON @school-app "Flexo" wins Gold in Education for the Best of Swiss Apps 202

A web app from mint & pepper wins the Gold award in the category Education for this year's Best of Swiss Apps and Silver for its UX & Usability. Especially for the CYBATHLON created by the company dreipol, the app CYBATHLON @school with exoskeleton "Flexo" aims to fascinate children for STEM subjects and makes them aware of the daily challenges of people with disabilities.

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02-12-20 - Spotlight

Roland Siegwart in an interview with Sevensense - a Sevensense blog post

Wyss Zurich's Founding Co-Director Roland Siegwart gave Sevensense an interview, where he is talking about his respect for nature working in the robotics industry. Furthermore, Roland Siegwart highlights the beauty of humans and animals and their evolution, which is extremely difficult to replicate technologically. In the blog post of Sevensense one can read his answers to questions such as "When did you discover your interest in robotics?" or "Having experience yourself in entrepreneurship, how fertile is Switzerland for robotics companies to emerge?".

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27-11-20 - Media Coverage

Hansjörg Wyss - "Gutes tun ist nicht so einfach" - Bilanz

An interview with our founder Dr. h.c. mult. Hansjörg Wyss. He is part of the "Giving Pledge", a commitment by the world's wealthiest individuals and families to give the majority of their wealth to address some of society’s most pressing problems. Read more about the ways in which Hansjörg Wyss is investing in our future, such as in environmental projects, or "Equality for Women". (in German)

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20-11-20 - News

hemotune is Swiss Technology Award winner in the category "Startups"

The Wyss Zurich project hemotune and its ETH spin-off won the Swiss Technology Award in the category "Startups". The prize is a great recognition for the startup and highlights its innovative work in the biotech industry. A second Wyss Zurich project and ETH spin-off, namely Voliro, was among the finalists and has been put into the spotlight as a rising star.

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18-11-20 - News

mint & pepper's Cybathlon@school-App "Flexo" is running for the title Master of Swiss Apps 2020

An application developed for the purpose of the CYBATHLON @school camps could become Master of Swiss Apps. Eleven applications have been chosen for the precious Master of Swiss Apps 2020 award. One of these applications is from the Wyss Zurich outreach project mint & pepper. mint & pepper uses an exoskeleton called "Flexo" in order to sensibilise children and adolescents in the context of disabilities. The application, which was built for the purpose of controlling the exoskeleton, is now shortlisted for the Master of Swiss Apps. The company dreipol contributed to the development of the UX & UI design for the program that controls the supportive arm. Read more about the application here.

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05-11-20 - Spotlight

LifeMatrix - valves and blood vessels for a life without complications - Venture Kick

Two Wyss Zurich family members are explaining what LifeMatrix does and name their next steps. In the editorial summary of Venture Kick, Robin Müller, Project Leader of LifeMatrix and Réne Stenger, Technology Expert of the project and Co-Founder of LifeMatrix AG, are announcing that they are actively looking for investors to close their series A financing round in the first half of 2021.

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03-11-20 - Spotlight

Explaining medicine processes with 3D animation - hemotune

Explaining medicine processes and how one is about to apply treatment is quite a challenge. The Wyss Zurich project and its spin-off hemotune produced a new 3D animated video explaining how they are using their blood purification platform to restore immune balance in septic and improve patient outcomes.

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02-11-20 - News

MUS.I.C - won the BioBusiness-MIT Life Science angels award

Deana Mohr, Project Leader of the Wyss Zurich associate project MUS.I.C., and Co-Founder and CEO of the spin-off MUVON Therapeutrics AG, won the BioBusiness-MIT Life Science angels award. She participated in the pitch contest of the BioBusiness Programm of the the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI, Lugano) and was awarded the 1st prize. The university cooperates with MIT Life Science angels. According to a startupticker.ch article in 2018, the MIT Life Sciences Angels are a group of alumni of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology investing in startups affiliated with the MIT. Through the USI partnership with the MIT, startups from Switzerland have a great chance of international recognition. More information on MUS.I.C under the following link.

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02-11-20 - News

The Wyss Zurich Heart - by PATHOS

Conceptualized by PATHOS, the “Wyss Zurich Heart” is an expression of the communicative, and emotive possibilities of robotic movement and response. The artwork concept is based on the initial idea of Wyss Zurich – the union of the university's medical aspects combined with ETH's robotics developments and research. More information in the full article.

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