21-03-18 - Event

Clinical Colloquium Regenerative Medicine – March 26, 2018

Prof. Ivan Martin (Department of Biomedicine, University Hospital Basel) will talk about "Re-engineering developmental processes for tissue regeneration" on Monday, March 26, 2018 from 1.00 - 2.00 p.m. at University of Zurich, Wagistrasse 12, WAD-904 (Founders Lab), 8952 Schlieren

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15-03-18 - Event

Seminar Translational and Clinical Wyss Zurich Projects

Dr. med. pract. Dilmurodjon Eshmuminov, Dr. Martin Schuler and Dr. Max Hefti (Wyss Zurich – ETH Zurich / University of Zurich) will talk about "Liver machine perfusion outside of the body – Status quo within the Wyss Zurich" on Tuesday, March 27, 2018 from 12:30 – 13:30 p.m. at University Hospital Zurich, Kleiner Hörsaal OST.

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09-03-18 - Media Coverage

Handelszeitung – Skin from the Petri Dish

CUTISS AG, a spin-off from the University of Zurich currently incubated at Wyss Zurich, is able to entirely breed human skin in the lab. This could mean a new life for burn victims.

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28-02-18 - News

Robot ANYmal enters the show business

ANYbotics, one of the Wyss Zurich Projects, has made it into the film business. With their robot ANYmal, they act in the newest episode of the television show "The X-Files."

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27-02-18 - Press Release

Mapping with drones elevated to the next level

Swiss drone company Wingtra launched a game changing new product: drone WingtraOne is now available with a high precision option for mapping professionals. This particular upgrade makes the drone the first to produce extremely high precision and resolution maps faster than ever before.

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25-02-18 - Media Coverage

Tagesanzeiger – Red blood cells against MS

With a new therapeutic approach, WyssZurich Project ETIMSred seeks to tame the immune system of multiple sclerosis patients. By mid-2019, the first two clinical studies should be completed with ten or respectively fifteen patients.

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21-02-18 - News

Wyss Zurich Project hemotune is nominated for "Top 16 for the 2018 W.A. De Vigier Award"

Out of a record number of more than 220 submitted projects, the jury chose their top 16 candidates. hemotune has now the chance to win a prize of CHF 100'000 from the W.A. De Vigier Foundation on May 30th.

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14-02-18 - Media Coverage

SRF Kulturplatz - Wednesday, February 14, 2018 – An Indian woman realizes her art vision in a Zurich laboratory

The art duo Pors & Rao creates living installations that react to the viewer and his movements. With their project PATHOS (Poetic Animatronics Through Hands-On Systems), they are affiliated at Wyss Zurich as an Associate Project.

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24-01-18 - Spotlight

Radio SRF1 & Radio SRF4 News - Tagesgespräch

Is there reason to fear robots? Wyss Zurich Founding Co-Director Roland Siegwart together with Marc Lehmann take a look at the automated workplace of the future.

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23-01-18 - Media Coverage

Nau «Start-up Monday» – A visit to the skin factory

Daniela Marino, CEO of CUTISS AG, offers with her start-up a unique solution for the treatment of burn wounds. CUTISS AG breeds natural skin of burn victims and can multiply it up to 70 times its previous size in one month.

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