11-07-17 - Media Coverage

BILANZ, July 2017 - We are the robots

Google, Apple and Facebook fighting about the best ETH talents. ANYbotics, one of the Wyss Zurich Projects has just sold the first commercial four-legged robot in the world. CEO Hanspeter Fässler accompanies the final assembly at the company headquarters in Zurich. Wingtra, also one of the Wyss Zurich Projects, has developed flying robots that take-off and land like helicopters, but fly like planes. CEO Basil Weibel explained that conventional drones could not fly as far as their product WingtraOne. Whereas it would take conventional drones the whole day to photograph a certain area, WingtraOne needs just an hour.

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10-07-17 - Media Coverage

Aargauer Zeitung - Will robots soon replace humans in the gastronomy industry?

"Until now, robots in the gastronomy are mainly attraction," "says Wyss Zurich Founding Co-Director Roland Siegwart. But Siegwart expects that there will soon be fully automated hotels in the low price segment.

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05-07-17 - Event

Wyss Zurich Project hemotune wins the final of Venture Kick

Venture Kick, a philanthropic three stage funding model, today announced that Wyss Zurich Project hemotune won the Venture Kick finals. hemotune, a medtech startup incubated at the Wyss Zurich, develops a radically new medical device for the purification of blood in acute care. After the successful completion of a three stage entrepreneurial path with Venture Kick, hemotune was now selected to receive a funding of 130.000 CHF.

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30-06-17 - Media Coverage

WIRTSCHAFTSZEIT - Bank Austria Future Talk: How visions become reality

In Cooperation with ORF III Science Magazine "Quantensprung", the UniCredit Bank Austria invited to the event "Bank Austra Future Talk "Aufbruch und Zukunft". Founding Co-Director Roland Siegwart, one of the renowned experts in Robotics, talked about the automated future and the use of "intelligent systems" and machines.

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29-06-17 - Event

Wyss Zurich at YPO Event

On June 28, 2017, Wyss Zurich Founding Co-Director Simon P. Hoerstrup presented the Wyss Zurich Model to Leaders of European YPO Chapters in Zurich, Switzerland. YPO is the premier leadership organization of chief executives in the world and a global platform to engage, learn and grow. Today, YPO empowers more than 24,000 members in more than 130 countries, diversified among industries and types of businesses. Altogether, YPO member-run companies employ 15 million people and generate USD6 trillion in annual revenues. Learn more on www.ypo.org.

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27-06-17 - Media Coverage

NDTV - Tuesday, June 27, 2017, Indian film crew shoots video about Wyss Zurich Project denovoSkin

The project denovoSkin aroused the interest of India`s New Delhi Television. On their journey through Switzerland, a film crew took the opportunity to meet the denovoSkin team at the Regenerative Medicine Platform, where the bio-engineered personalized skin graft is produced.

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23-06-17 - Media Coverage

SRF Einstein - Thursday, June 22, 2017 - Space technology for the streets

Wyss Zurich Founding Co-Director Roland Siegwart explained in SRF Einstein why it is important to initially rely on human pilots for robotic cars.

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22-06-17 - News

Second Event of the Wyss Zurich Entrepreneur Series

Marco Cavadini, PhD will share his key learnings of over 20 years spent as an entrepreneur, coach and mentor and elaborate on the crucial aspects of being an entrepreneur, both in terms of hard facts as well as spirit and attitude. The event will take place at Wyss Zurich (Weinbergstrasse 35, 8092 Zurich, E floor) on Thursday, July 13, 2017 from 5 –6 p.m.

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21-06-17 - Event

Associate Project PATHOS successfully presented first pieces at ART BASEL

The 48th edition of Art Basel in Basel brought together 291 premier galleries from 35 countries, presenting extraordinary contemporary and Modern works by over 4,000 artists.

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20-06-17 - Event

Interdisciplinary Colloquium Regenerative Medicine I - June 27, 2017

Prof. Wendelin Stark (Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences | Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering) will talk about “Nanotech for medicine: From fundamental research to commercialization” on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. at University Hospital Zurich, Kurszimmer NORD1 C301

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