18-05-18 - Biomedical Sciences

Lab Technician Biobank (100%)

The Regenerative Medicine Technologies Platform of Wyss Zurich is a fully certified state-of-the-art technical and scientific platform dedicated to manufacturing clinical grade products that meet the required stringent regulatory standards. As LAB TECHNICIAN BIOBANK your responsibilities are freezing, storage and retrieval of clinical cryoprobes, managing user and sample databases, the maintenance of equipment infrastructure (documentation of maintenance / calibrations), the establishment and development of methods and execution of project-related validations.

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11-05-18 - Biomedical Sciences

Regulatory Affairs Specialist (100%)

Wyss Zurich project LifeMatrix wants to revolutionize heart surgery implants to avoid the need for repeated surgeries and/or anticoagulation treatment. As Regulatory Affairs Specialist your responsibilities are to develop the regulatory approval strategy for (EMA/FDA) and reimbursement strategy. This includes preparing the pre-assessment documentation and leading the preliminary clarification with notified bodies and FDA. In addition, you will work with the QM and QA staff of Wyss Zurich to ensure regulatory compliance and inspection readiness.

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20-04-18 - Engineering

Unity Technical Artist (100%)

In this function, you will be responsible for implementing the look, style, theme and aesthetics for an exciting and educational AR mobile app. Working closely with the design team, you will develop a unique visual style that blends the digital and real world. You will experiment and customize lighting, shaders, particles systems and effects to prototype and test visual languages. You will also prepare, enhance and optimize assets for production.

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